Mahila Dakshata Samiti's Role in Education

Mahatma Gandhi said, “When you educate a woman you educate a whole family,” 

We strongly believe that education of women will bring about an overall improvement in society by raising the standard of living and quality of life. We have therefore made empowerment of women through education our mantra.
The Contribution of Mahila Dakshata Samiti to Education

The lack of education is the cause of a variety of ills

* Powerlessness * Exploitation
* Poverty * Population explosion
* Unemployment * Disease and poor health
* High rate of infant and mother mortality

Education being a vital tool in the empowerment of the underprivileged we, at Mahila Dakshata Samiti, have undertaken several projects to make education a reality for many.

Mahila Dakshata Samiti has achieved its objectives of education, good nutrition and health for poor children by the following services:

Education of the girl child
We at the Samiti have made the education of the girl child a priority for we believe that an educated woman is at the least

* A competent mother
* An equal and contributing partner in her marriage
* An informed citizen
* Productive and well paid at the workplace
* Knowledgeable about how to keep herself and her family healthy

We have therefore put into place certain schemes to bring education to the girl child.

We have been giving aid to needy girl students for the past several years.

We started with adopting girls from the Geddalahalli Government School, providing them with uniforms, books, shoes and other school supplies to encourage them to continue their education.

With the help of the school teachers to assess their scholastic ability and background, we select and give financial aid to bright girl students from various classes in the school every year. When any among them leave the school after their Class 7 exam other students are selected to fill the slots.

We also monitor their academic progress and help is rendered wherever necessary.


Scholarships for higher education

Every year we invite applications for scholarships from needy girl students who want to go to high school, college or pursue a professional course. In the academic year 2015-16 we gave scholarships to around 80 students including those studying for engineering and medicine, the money having come from committed and generous donors.

Adoption of a government school
The Samiti has legally adopted the Government School at Geddalahalli in Bangalore by signing an MOU with the Education Department. Today the strength of the school is around 450 students.
Initially the school was housed in a few dilapidated rooms. The Samiti raising funds from the Government (Education Department and MPs), donors and members has been instrumental in constructing a 3 storied building with rooms for the Principal and teachers, 14 classrooms, a well stocked library, computer rooms, two covered terraces, toilet facilities etc.
Desks and benches, computers, blackboards, stationery etc. are also provided.

  1. b) Free mid-day meals
    The students who attend government schools come from financially challenged families whose income is below INR 4000 per month. These children rarely get balanced, nutritious meals at home. Many parents either have no money or time to pack lunch for their school-going kids. One cannot expect a hungry child to be a good or attentive student.

Moreover poor nutrition results in an array of afflictions ranging from stunted growth, reduced intelligence, reduced cognitive abilities, reduced sociability, reduced leadership and assertiveness, reduced activity and energy, and poorer health overall which can translate into lack of enthusiasm for lessons and prove to be obstacles to any level of success at school.

For this reason Mahila Dakshata Samiti decided to provide lunch for the students. In association with ISKCON, Bangalore a tasty and nutritious mid-day meal is provided. This has proved to be a great incentive to school attendance and has drastically reduced the drop out percentage. The children not only have become healthier and happier but are now more willing students.

  1. c) Health care for students

Medical check ups are conducted twice a year. Medical records are maintained and whenever necessary, free follow up treatment is provided. Dental check ups are also conducted. Spectacles are supplied to those who need them.

This service has borne excellent results : healthy, bonny students and low absenteeism.

Government schools in Vidyaranyapura

After we moved to Vidyaranyapura, we have started helping the students of the government schools here with school supplies and medical check up.