Health Awareness Program:

Health awareness program in association with the CDPO Yelahanka, at our seminar hall on Monday 13th July 2015.


Independence Day celebrations held on 15th August 2015

Cultural program

NGO market day at Thomson Reuters

MDS participation in an NGO Market Day organized by Thomson Reuters to commemorate the ‘Joy of Giving’ week on 14th October 2015.

marriage geetha
Marriage dakshyani

MDS Solemnizes a Marriage

For the first time in its history, the MDS solemnized the marriage of one of its residents, an orphaned girl, Ms. Geetha. She was referred to us by Vanitha Sahayavani. She was orphaned at a very young age and was brought up by the lady of the house where her mother worked. Three years back, she was brought to Bangalore and left in the lady's daughter's house as the old lady was unable to look after her. She used to do all the house work here. Over a period of time she found the workload too heavy for her. She was ultimately brought to Vanitha Sahayavani who referred her to us. We provided her with shelter and looked after all her basic needs. Since she had no educational background, we trained her in cooking, embroidery and tailoring.

One day we were contacted by one Mr. Vinay Kumar, a Team Leader in a Software Company. He too was an orphan and was looking for a life partner. He came to know of our Organization through our website. He wanted to marry a girl who too like him had gone through hardships in her childhood. On hearing about Geeta he was quite keen on meeting her. Our senior Counsellor, Ms. Shailaja Prakash then set about checking his antecedents -his family, background and profession. Once satisfied, she discussed it with the President and the Committee members. On an appointed day a meeting was arranged between him, his family members and our President and some of our members. Once satisfied with the match, arrangements were made for a formal engagement. On 18th September 2015, an engagement ceremony was held in our premises. The wedding date was fixed for the 25 of October, 2015. Since she was an orphan, our Counsellors and Committee members took turns in educating her on the roles and responsibilities of married life.

The marriage was held on the 25 of October,16 at the Durga Parmeshwari temple in Vidyaranyapura. She was beautifully dressed by our members and looked resplendent in her bridal finery. All the members and staff willingly contributed by way of cash and kind for the marriage. The kanyadan was performed by our Treasurer, Ms Sudha Shankar and her husband, Mr. Shankar. It was indeed a very poignant moment for the members of the MDS. Today she is happily settled. Every month the couple visit us. Our Counselors and President talk to her regularly.

Subsequent to Geeta's wedding, three months later, on the 29 of January'16, another of our residents, Dakshayani got married. Her marriage was conducted by her brother. The members came forward and willingly contributed towards the marriage. Gold earrings, vessels, new clothes, etc were given to her as gifts. A sum of Rs. 20,000 towards wedding expenses were handed over to her brother. She too is leading a blissful, married life.



Annual field trip for government school children

Class VIII students of the Geddalahalli Government School adopted by MDS, were taken on a field trip to the Kempegowda International airport, Devanahalli on November 27th 2015 to provide them a practical learning experience of the functioning of an International Airport


Ramanotsavam - 14th December 2015

The inmates of the Dakshata Short Stay Home participated in the Ramanotsav contest organized by the Ramana Maharshi Centre for Learning and Sankara TV to celebrate Indian cultural heritage

Seminar at Vikas Soudha on 22nd February 2016 organised by the MOS for Women and Child Development.

MDS was a part of the panel discussion on role of women in social and economic development and ushering a new era to promote women's welfare through good governance and legislation.