The goal of every childhood education should be to activate the child's natural desire to learn, for the child is both a hope and a promise for mankind.
-Maria Montessori.

It is towards the realization of this goal that the MDS has pitched all its efforts in the field of education and child welfare. Our children are after all our future and hence we must stay committed to their needs. The MDS has taken a number of initiatives towards this end.

The main thrust of its activities in the field of education and child welfare has been the Government Higher Primary School, Geddalahalli which it adopted under the Government Adoption Scheme, 1995 and the Government School of Narsipura in Vidyaranyapura which it has taken under its wings recently since 2014.

Government School Geddalahalli

Ever since its adoption in the year 2000, the MDS has been majorly instrumental in the welfare of the School. The initial years were spent in improving and expanding the existing infrastructure by way of adding 9 additional rooms, Computer room, a Science Lab, a well-stocked library and a Multi-purpose Hall, provision of toilets, drinking water and class room furniture. All this was done with the help of the Government Grant in aid and the generous contribution of donors who had faith in our Organization and belief in our abilities.

Subsequently it shifted its focus on improving the quality of education imparted in the School.

Appointment of Teachers

Two Saksharatha teachers Ms Asha and Ms Prema who also function as Computer Teacher as well as Librarian respectively, Nursery Teacher Ms. Ratnamma and an ayah, Ms. Satya are appointed by the Samiti. They work full time and are on the payroll of the Samiti.

This year the School reopened on the 22nd of May, 2015. These teachers were busy making home visits both in Ashwath Nagar and Geddalahalli and persuading the parents to send them back to School. These teachers provide remedial teaching to academically weak children as well as children of migrant labourers and dropouts. All efforts are made by these teachers to provide a bridge course and integrate them into the mainstream of Schooling. There are two Nursery teachers and one ayah look after the needs of pre-school children. The Samiti provides educational charts and toys etc. for the Nursery school, as well as notebooks for the entire school.

School Book Distribution

Government School Geddalahalli

Government School Geddalahalli

Anganwadi Geddalahalli

Anganwadi Geddalahalli

Government School Veerapura

Government School Veerapura

Government School Vidyaranyapura

Government School Vidyaranyapura

Teacher's Day Celebrations

A good teacher is like a candle; it consumes itself to light the way for others.

Teacher's day was celebrated on the 7 of September, 2015 as a mark of gratitude to all the teachers, who had committed themselves to this honourable task of moulding the future of these children. Our Vice President, Ms. Shalini Shenoi and our Treasurer, Ms Sudha Shankar greeted the headmistress of the School, Ms. Shivamma with a bouquet of flowers and a box of sweets. Boxes of sweetmeats were distributed amongst all the teachers. Greeting cards were prepared and duly signed by the students. They were then presented to the teachers of each and every class. They were guided in this endeavour by Ms Asha, one of the teachers appointed by us.

The students also put up a surprise entertainment show for the teachers by way of dance, songs and small skits to commemorate the occasion. The teachers were indeed touched by this gesture.

Teachers day - Ms Shivamma Head Mistress and Staff along with members of MDS

Ms. Shivamma Head Mistress and Staff along with members of MDS

Teachers day - Greeting Cards prepared by School Childred

Greeting Cards prepared by School Children

cdc - in memory of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru

In memory of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru

cdc - drawing


cdc - clay modelling

Clay Modelling

cdc - price distribution

Prize Distribution

Children's Day Celebrations

Prior to the Children's Day Celebrations, competitions were organized in various events for children of the School. Events such as competitions in sports, music, dance, clay modelling, drawing, essay, elocution, etc. were held on two consecutive days i.e. 2 and 3 November,15. All the material required for the various competitions were provided by the Samiti. Our members and staff such as Ms. Shalini Shenoi, Ms. Sudha, Ms. Sheela, Ms. Vanaja, Ms. Snehalatha and Ms. Amita Kini along with Ms. Padmashree Prasad and some volunteers from our Short Stay Home rendered their services with great zeal in the conduct of these competitions.

Children's Day was celebrated this year on the 19 of November,2015. As usual Ms. Divya Shah was a part of our Children's Day Celebrations. She has been a regular patron of our Anganwadi and has been contributing generously to the cause of these children. This year dry fruit snacks and fruits packed neatly in a box were distributed by her to all the children. All the children were neatly dressed looking bright and cheerful for the event.

The program began with an invocation to the Almighty followed by the lighting of the lamp by our President, Ms. Saranya Hegde along withour members, our Vice Presidents, Ms. Shalini Shenoi, Ms. Vanaja Rao, our Treasurer, Ms. Sudha and our SSH Treasurer, Ms. Snehalatha. Prizes were distributed to the students who had excelled in the various competitions, 1 , 2 and 3 prizes were awarded to the winners of the Sports Competitions whereas there were only the best followed by a cultural show wherein children displayed their talents. The children sang patriotic songs and performed dances. A fancy dress display was put up by the nursery children. Gifts were given to the teachers appointed by us for their diligent services all the year through.

Our President announced that prizes would be given to the best boy and best girl of the School. They would be chosen by the Headmistress and the teachers of the School. The criterion was not just academic excellence but also general conduct such as helpful to others, respect for elders, keeping the premises clean, etc. The program concluded with the distribution of laddoos sponsored by the Samiti to all the children and teachers of the school. Children’s Day was sponsored by Ms. Prafulla Williams and Mr & Mrs Shankar.

cdc - Divya shah and mds members with anganwadi children

Divya Shah and MDS members with Anganwadi Children

Best Boy/Best Girl Award

Prizes were awarded to the Best boy and best girl for academic excellence as well as good conduct. Accordingly, Ms. Bhumika of 4th Std, Ms. Chaitanya D of 7th Std, Jagdish of 5th Std and Ganesh of 6th Std were awarded prizes for the same. Prizes like Rubik's Cube, Embroidery kits, Jewellery making kits, Brain teasers(Games) were provided by Ms. Shalini and Ms. Sudha of MDS.

best boy girl
school health 1
school health 2
Health Care

This year the health check-ups were an ongoing process. The first round of check-ups commenced on 9/7/15. Dr. Shyamala Pushkariah, Paediatrician and Neonatalist visited the School every Thursday. Children from Nursery to VIIIth Std were thoroughly examined. Students were brought in batches class wise for a thorough check-up. Those in need of further investigations/ specialized treatment, were taken to MS Ramiah Hospital for further treatment by our Health worker, Ms. Padmashree Prasad accompanied by their parents. The medicines prescribed were provided to them by our Samiti. Prior to the doctor's visit, our teachers Ms. Prema and Ms. Asha would do the preliminary height and weight verification which would be duly entered in the medical register for the doctor's perusal.

Few children were detected with heart murmur. A follow up was done two weeks later and requisite treatment was given. A 3rd Std student. Divya was detected with systolic murmur. The girl was advised to go in for an echo cardiogram. This was brought to the notice of the parents who then accompanied by our Health worker got it done. One student was detected with urinary tract infection. She was advised to go in for further investigations such as blood test, urine test, USG of the abdomen. Based on the results she was treated with antibiotics. All the investigation charges were paid by the Samiti. One student, Akshay was over weight for his age. The doctor asked him to undergo a thyroid test. The parents were asked to put him on a strict diet and an exercise regime.

Geddalahalli School trip to Kempegowda International Airport, Devanahalli.

As a part of the annual field trip for class 7 students of the Government school, Geddalahalli, Mahila Dakshata Samiti organized a half day trip to the Kempegowda International Airport, Devanahallion 27 November 2015 between 9.30 am and 1.30 am. The purpose of the trip was to provide a practical learning experience to the students and give them a deeper understanding of the concept of air travel and how an airport is run. There were 29 students on this trip and they were accompanied by two teachers and two members from MDS.

Ms. Pratibha Kulkarni, Asst Manager, Corporate Communications briefed the team on the tour agenda, and assigned the passes which were kept ready prior to the visit. As a part of the Green Skies Initiative, they conducted a walk through the landscaped gardens of the Airport premises around Alpha 2 building. At the main Terminal building of the Airport, the children were taken through the entire process of Terminal operations, passenger identification, entry check at departure gate, various airline check in procedures, issue of boarding passes, tagging of registered baggage, list of prohibited items in hand baggage, display boards with arrival/depature schedules of flights, security check in procedure, boarding at various gates through Globe Ground shuttles / Aerobridge and finally baggage claim. In the International departure hall, they were briefed on the immigration process, security check and boarding, money exchange and other formalities and also shown the Help / Information desk run by the Airport management for the benefit of the passengers.

The Airport Management had arranged for soft drinks, water bottles and refreshments for each member of the team. Our grateful thanks to the BIAL Security Team and Department of Corporate Communications for handling all the arrangements smoothly and making this visit a very memorable and enriching one for the school children.

school trip


Since 2014 the Samiti has taken the Government School in Vidyaranyapura under its wing and has taken a number of initiatives geared towards the welfare of the School.

Distribution of School Supplies

School supplies such as notebooks as well as stationery were distributed to the students of Ist to IVth Std as well as the 20 girl students adopted by us by our President, Ms. Saranya Hegde and Committee members, Ms. Vanaja, Ms. Sudha, Ms. Alka and Ms. Amita.

Children's Day Celebrations

Prior to the Children's Day Celebrations, competitions were conducted in various events. Drawing competitions were held on the 6th of November,15. Sports competitions were conducted on the 30th of November and 1st of December,15 by our members, Ms. Veena Pemmiah, Ms. Lalitha, Ms. Malathi and our staff. Kabaddi was also played by the two teams of the School.

Children's Day was celebrated on the 10th of December,15. Prizes were distributed for the various competition held. Track suits were awarded to all the members of the Kabaddi team by the Samiti. 40 durries were donated by the Samiti to the students of Ist to IVth Std as the School did not have adequate benches and desks and the children had to sit on the floor. Based on a request made by the Headmistress, Ms. Sunita three sewing machines were donated by the Samiti for the benefit of the children.

Medical Check-up

Medical Check-ups for the students commenced on the 1st of December,15. Our Health Worker, Ms. Padmasree conducted the preliminary height and weight check-ups and entered them in the medical register for the doctor's perusal. Except for a few, most of the children were found to be healthy. Those with ENT, Ophthalmology, Dental and Speech issues were referred to MS Ramiah Hospital where they were treated for the same. Some children were referred for ECG. Fortunately for them they were normal. Two children of migrant labourers were detected with chest murmurs on clinical examination. They were referred to MS Ramaiah Hospital for an Echo Cardiogram. They were given medicines and advised two months' rest. A total of 317 children were screened. Free medicines donated by the visiting doctor herself, Dr. Shyamala Pushkariah as well as contributions from Dr. Shankar Hegde, Dr. Naveen Kini and the Samiti were distributed amongst the children.

Orientation Programs

'There can be no better measure of our governance than the way we treat our children and no greater failing on our part than to allow them to be subjected to violence, abuse or exploitation' - Jessica Lange

In the wake of the spate of incidents of child sex abuse perpetrated on minors in the year 2014, we at the MDS felt that a lack of emphasis on value education could be majorly instrumental in the occurrence of such heinous acts. We owe our children, the most vulnerable citizens of our Society, a life free of violence and fear. Our main aim has been to create a Society which is safe and conducive to the all-round development of children.

As such we took it upon ourselves to conduct regular orientation programs in Schools and Colleges for students, teachers as well as parents wherein we laid emphasis on value education. This initiative continued to function in the year 2015 – 16. Right values such as treating both boys and girls on par as equals, giving equal access to opportunities, respecting one another, respecting elders, honesty, were emphasized upon. Besides this awareness programs were conducted on safety and security measures, recognition of right touch, wrong touch, health education with special emphasis on their respective anatomies, reproductive system and sex education, personal hygiene, civic awareness, study skills, etc.

This initiative of ours has met with a lot of appreciation from the School authorities, parent as well as the student Community.

cdc2 - Fancy Dress Competition 1

Fancy Dress Competition

cdc2 - Fancy Dress Competition 2

Fancy Dress Competition

cdc2 - Prize distribution

Prize Distribution

donation of Durries

Donation of Durries

donation of sewing machines

Donation of Sewing Machines


'Educate a girl, empower a nation' was the International Women's Day slogan in 2015.

Ever since its inception in 1991, the MDS has been striving hard to bring about perceptible change in the life of women & the girl child. The Samiti has been devoting its energy in providing quality education to all & financial help to deserving girl students to pursue College /Professional Education. It awards scholarship to deserving students from financially weaker sections of the society to pursue college & technical education. Last year, 80 students benefited & approximately Rs. 8 lakhs were given as scholarship.

Every year, after the results of X & XII Stds are announced, MDS advertises in English & Kannada newspapers inviting applications from girl students to avail the scholarships offered by the MDS.

After screening the applications, deserving girl candidates are asked to attend the interview at the office premises with relevant documents. The scholarship committee selects candidates & decides the amount of scholarship to be awarded. The scholarship amount mainly depends on merit of the student & financial status of the family of the candidate.

We have been able to collect the needed resources with help from generous donors year after year.



Awardees of Scholarships with MDS members