To offer shelter to women who are in moral or social danger or who have no place to go.

To make them self-reliant on the road to economic empowerment.

Ever since the establishment of the Dakshata Family Counselling Centre(DFCC), we realized that a lot of cases which we dealt with were from women or girls who were desperate and had no place to go. This is what prompted us to set up a Short Stay Home. Thus 2004 saw the birth of the Dakshata Short Stay Home(DSSH). Ever since it has been providing refuge to women and children who were, either made to leave their homes due to family discord without any means of subsistence and no social protection from exploitation, or facing litigation on account of marital disputes, or victims of marital maladjustment, emotional disturbances and social ostracism, or those who had to escape due to dire circumstances such as physical/mental abuse and were desperately in need of shelter.

Assistance provided is in the form of Counselling, medical care, psychiatric treatment, education, skill development training, vocational and rehabilitative services.


As soon as they are admitted all their physical needs such as food, clothing and shelter are looked after. A thorough medical check-up is done to evaluate their physical and mental health. Blood samples are collected to ascertain their blood group, haemoglobin count, etc. and investigations are conducted to rule out the possibilities of any minor or major life threatening diseases such as HIV,STD,etc. Urine samples are also collected to conduct pregnancy tests if need be as also to rule out the possibilities of diabetes and urinary tract infections. Dr. Suparna and Dr. Shobha Baliga visit the SSH frequently and look after all their physical ailments such as cough, cold, fever, backache, worm infections and gynecological problems if any.

Those suffering from epilepsy and depression are taken to the Psychiatrist, Dr. Mamatha Shetty for regular evaluation and the necessary medications are dutifully given to them by our Warden.


After the first few days when the resident is comfortable in her new surroundings counselling is conducted on the basis of confidentiality by our Counsellor wherein they let catharsis happen with moral support provided by them. Joint sessions are then held where possible. All efforts are made to solve their familial problems and reunite them with the family. When this is not possible, we look at other alternatives based on their aptitude and capabilities.

Skill Development

Various in- house skill based training programs are being conducted time and again for the benefit of these residents so as to tap the latent potential in these residents and make them self-reliant.

This year training programs included tailoring, paper bag making, yoga mat bags and marketing bag making, embroidery and painting, cookery, chocolate making, English language skills, etc.

All efforts are being made to make them self-reliant and ensure a smooth transition into the mainstream of Society.

Celebration of National Festivals

All national festivals are celebrated with a lot of fanfare. This is done not only to acquaint them with the various festivals and the rich cultural heritage of our Country, but also to take their mind off their tribulations and get them actively involved in these events.

Independence Day Celebrations

As India geared up to celebrate its 69th year of Independence from the British, we at MDS geared up to pay our homage to those heroes who fought tirelessly for the freedom of our country and those who shaped its destiny.

MDS celebrated the day in a grand manner with great enthusiasm. The program began with the unfurling of the National Flag by Mrs. Saranya Hegde and Mrs. Shalini Shenoi, which was followed by the rendering of the National Anthem by all present. Mrs. K S Lalitha and some of the inmates of Short stay home paid homage to the nation by singing some patriotic songs like Vande Mataram and shouting the slogan…. Jai Hind...

True to the spirit of spreading joy, celebration and patriotism, a cultural program was organized by the inmates of the Dakshata Short stay home at our Seminar hall. After an Invocation to seek the blessings of the Almighty, and a lighting of the lamp ceremony, the show began with gusto wherein participants regaled the audience with beautiful dances, songs and a skit. The highlight of the cultural program were the dance performances by young children of our residents. The program was very well coordinated and entertaining.

The program was followed by Prize Distribution for the Annual competitions held on 14th August for the residents and staff of MDS. A sumptuous lunch was prepared for all.

Some products made at the Dakshata short stay home like Sambar powder and pickles were put up on sale. Tailoring items like bags and pouches were also exhibited.

Gandhi Jayanti

Gandhi Jayanthi was celebrated on the 2nd of October, 2015.All the members of the Samiti participated in this celebration. Our President spoke of Mahatma Gandhi as the Father of the Nation and his relevance in the forming of our nation and why we observe his birthday as a national holiday for the benefit of the SSH residents. A cultural program was put up by the residents on the occasion.


Ms Latha Christie, Scientist G, DRDO, Bangalore decided to celebrate Christmas with the residents of the SSH. She distributed cake and Christmas goodies amongst the residents and spent considerable time interacting with them. Our members too were present.

New Year Celebrations

Ist January, 2016 was celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm. All the members were present on this occasion. Sweets were distributed to mark the occasion. A cultural program was put up by the residents to mark the occasion. This was followed by a sumptuous lunch prepared by our residents.

The other festivals celebrated were Janmashstami, Rajyotsava and Republic Day.

id flag hoisting

Hoisting of the flag by - Ms. Shalini Shenoi

id lighting of lamp

Lighting of the lamp by - Ms. Usha Kamath

id cultural display

Cultural Display by Children

id rangoli comp2
id rangoli comp1

Rangoli Competition

Christmas Celebrations

cd - children dressed as santa claus
cd - distribution of gifts
cd - christmas goodies

Republic Day Celebrations


Awareness Programs

Awareness programs are being conducted time and again for the benefit of the residents so as to sensitize them of the happenings around them as well as to educate them on issues concerning their welfare. This year awareness programs were conducted on Positive Strength, healthy diet and nutrition, importance of Community hygiene, importance of good communication skills, etc.

Visit of Important Guests

We were honored by the visit of Ms. Divya Prabha Gowda, Chairperson KSWD. She spent considerable time at our Organsization and showed great appreciation of our body of work. The other dignitory was Ms. Prema Cariappa, Ex-Chairperson, CSWB.


In the last two years, the Central Government has changed its policy towards NGOs offering services to distressed women & children in 'Short Stay Home'.

The 'Short Stay Homes' are now run by the State Government with the name 'Swadhaar Griha', with completely  new and different policies and structure.

MDS in still running according to the old system and is gradually changing to the new system.