Mahila Dakshata Samiti - Karnataka

The Mahila Dakshata Samiti’s endeavours in the field of Social service. Set up in the year 1976 by Ms Suman Krishankant, (wife of the former Vice President of India), Ms Pramila Dandavate, Ms Mrudula Sinha  and Dr Sushila Nayyar, as a support group, in response to the SOS calls from the woman sorority against the dowry scourge which was rampant then, the Mahila Dakshata Samiti has grown and has branches all over India as well as in a few cities abroad. Fired with a mission of eradicating such atrocities, inflicted time and again on women as well as securing equal access to women in all areas of Society, the Karnataka chapter of the Mahila Dakshata Samiti(MDS) with Ms Saranya S Hegde at its helm and a group of like-minded women was constituted in the  year 1991.

The core principles of Mahila Dakshata Samiti are “Health, Education, Empowerment and Equality” it set about its mission with a zeal unmatched and has been working relentlessly towards providing a better today and a promising tomorrow to the poor, underprivileged and the needy sections of Society.

Today the Samiti has come a long way and has received wide spread acclaim both from the Government, other Organizations as well as International Organizations. It has time and again been in the limelight for spearheading women’s issues with the sole aim of impacting public opinion and creating social consciousness.

Step by step it has proceeded from a humble beginning to becoming one of the most active NGOs in Karnataka.



To help women and children in distress in every stratum of society to gain self esteem and equip them to become independent. We are working to achieve this through education, empowerment, employment and healthcare.


The Samiti is committed to the establishment of a just and humane society, working untiringly towards improving the lot of women and children to enable them to live a life of dignity and honour.


Our dream is equality for all women; an equal participation in all walks of life, be it home, workplace or society at large.


During more than 2 decades of its existence the organization has powerfully influencedpublic opinion, public and government policies regarding raising the status and improving the lot of women. We hope to continue our impact for good with your help through the coming years .